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I'm travelling to Mallorca later this week for a week's cycling, but want to take my own pedals. Can any members advise on whether they have encounted problems taking pedals in hand luggage through UK airport security. Travelling from Gatwick if that makes any difference. I don't want to risk them being confiscated so any advice woudl be appreciated.


  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    I don't know but it may not be possible to predict. One thing you could do is clip your shoes into the pedals so that they appear to be one unit. It might make them look less threatening. Just be aware that you probably won't be able to separate them until you attach the pedals to a bike again!
  • andrew_sandrew_s Posts: 2,511
  • bikergirl17bikergirl17 Posts: 344
    i've flown at least 20 times with my pedals and skewers in my hand luggage, no problem. should add five of the outbounds to mallorca, including out of gatwick.

    the only thing for which i was stopped, and had to leave behind, was a pedal wrench. and a friend had chamois cream confiscated (!).
  • bigjimbigjim Posts: 780
    Got stopped at Manchester with my pedals in hand luggage. They said they looked like guns [spd] on the xray. They let me through after a search but took my bike lock off me as they said I could strangle the pilot with it. They said this as they handed me my leather belt to put back on. Go figure.
    I've left the pedals on the bike ever since.
  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    I bought a chain whilst in the UK a while back. Asked the nice lady at the BA desk at Heathrow if it would be OK to take it hand luggage. She didn't know, so called her supervisor, she didn't know either, so called some security guy. He had a look at it, wasn't sure, so took me to his supervisor who was based at the scanner machine. We had to walk past a huge queue waiting at security to get to the scanner. This supervisor thought it best if he put it through his scanner. "Yes its a bicycle chain" was his conclusion, "we might as well do your other bags whilst your here". So no problem with the chain, and I avoided a 30 minute wait in the queue, which was nice.

    Also accidently left a folding multi-tool in a back pack once. Got picked up by the scanner in Zurich. To be honest it did look a bit like a penknife. Even with the rather pointy broken end of the flat head screwdriver it was let through.
  • should add five of the outbounds to mallorca, including out of gatwick.cpu.gif
  • morrisjemorrisje Posts: 507
    I flew to Mallorca last week from Gatwick with pedals in hand luggage.

    No issues at all
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