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Possible causes for sticking rear pads?

legacydanlegacydan Posts: 62
edited April 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
So lately my rear pads have been sticking and turning the uphill sections into a real pain in the censored , i did a bit of searching for a solution and originally thought it was just the alignment of the caliper over the disc needed tweaking. That seems to temporarily fix it but then pads will start to rub again. yesterday i swapped the front pads for the rear, pushed the calipers all the way back in and re-aligned the caliper and it seems to rotate freely now but the pads are still rubbing on the disc slightly. So im thinking the calipers are not retracting enough. Maybe there is a bit of air in the system? So before i got spending money on new pads or a bleed kit is there any other things i can check out that might be causing this?

Brakes are Formula rx and about 2 years old with probably less than a 1000 miles on them.


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