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BMC Alpinecahllenge Sizing Help

zzddrrzzddrr Posts: 4
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I am planning to buy a BMC Alpinechallenge AC01 ( but I fall between medium and large size.

Has anybody had some experience with the BMC Alpinechallenege bikes and their sizing? Can somebody advise me which size I should go with.

My measurements are:
Inseam or Leg Length (cm)=85.00
Trunk (cm)=65.75
Forearm (cm)=35.00
Arm (cm)=61.00
Thigh (cm)=59.50
Lower Leg (cm)=54.50
Sternal Notch or Head of the breast bone (cm)=145.00
Pelvic bone height (cm)=105.72
Total body height (cm)=178.00
Weight (kg)=79.50

The BMC sizing table is here: ... deore.html
Click on the geometry.


  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    Like me you have fairly long legs relative to your height so my hunch would be to go for the large.

    Are you near an Evans? I bought my gf a bike from them and ordered two different sizes of the bike she was after so she could go in and try each size (they charge a deposit of £50 per bike but this is fully refundable or comes off the price if you end up buying).
  • zzddrrzzddrr Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advise. I guess I should order in two bikes (1 large and 1 medium) and see how they feel. I just wanted to avoid ordering in two bikes.

    Have you had any experience with these BMCs? Some people say that they seem larger than let's say a Cannondale Bad Boy or any Specialized with the same size.

    My second questions is this. I want to have a comfortable setup for daily use and sometimes I have lower backache. What should I watch out for?
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