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where to go in europe

evilbikes123evilbikes123 Posts: 20
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Me and at least one other are thinking of going somewhere mountain biking next year. We were thinking of the alps but would look at other locations. My questions are:
Where could we go?
How much will it cost?(on average)
We would be looking to do somedownhill/freeride type riding and although have never been away from the UK riding we are both fairly confident in our skills. We would be looking to spend as little as possible really.


  • Although not specific for DH, there are the Harz mountains in germany. I have been there recently. Not bad although we only did some basic stuff.

    Much further south you have Bavaria as well. I have been there a coupe of times and there is some decent biking to be had. The people in Bavaria are very friendly sa well. And for a nice day off, its not too far to get to munich for the day. If you so wish, you can also pop in to Austria as well. Last time I was there we did some level 6 white water rafting. That was awesome fun as well.
  • victoriacvictoriac Posts: 56
    Bulgaria works out fairly cheap although you do have to fly rather than drive.
    For downhill, Borovets has a great park with uplift from the ski lifts or Bansko has a mix of XC and downhill.
    If you want anymore info about Bulgaria just pm me - I'm out there all Summer so I'll be able to answer most questions!
  • Told friend who I would be going with about Bulgaria as an option, but he would rather go to one of the bigger resorts in France/Italy/Sweden.
    Any one have any experience with Alpine Elements as they seem to offer a pretty good option for staying in Morzine?
    I have also been looking at Verbier in Switzerland, has anyone been there? What was it like? and Where did you stay?
  • Hey Evil

    I can offer you some accomodation in Verbier. I am a guide and stay there for a few months each year. I have an awsome chalet, very high standard, and pretty cheap. The riding in that part of the alps is second to none. Lots of DH tracks, but most importantly lots of technical singletrack. LEt me know if you want any info. Trailhunter
  • Do you have any links to a website trailhunter?
    Also could you recommend a good place for bike rental?
    Sounds good otherwise though
  • Hey evil

    Send me a private email to [email protected]
  • PopmanPopman Posts: 2
    Hi Evil
    Try Alpe d'Huez/Vaujany in France. You can drive there and accommodation is cheap in the summer. Check out and
  • Popman wrote:
    You can drive there

    Not at 17 I cant :(
  • I've seen what they ride on the mega avalanche but is there a lot else there to ride
  • PopmanPopman Posts: 2
    Yeah loads. All levels too from quite gentle to proper gnarly.
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