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Rock Shox Recon Silver TK on Cube

MrCubeLtdMrCubeLtd Posts: 192
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I could be wrong but I believe that my Cube Ltd's frame will take a 100 - 120mm fork. The current fork on the Cube is a Rock Shox Recon Silver TK. When I look at the rider's settings on the fork is tells me suggest psi for my weight. So 221 lbs in weight recommends 135 Psi for up to 120mm travel.

1, Does that mean my Recon silver fork will travel up to 120mm? ... erm-id/104
According to Sram it will travel to 120mm?

2, What would be a good shock pump to get so I can increase the air to 135psi? (As I nearly bottomed out today on a ride coming off some jumps I beleive to be the fact that the shock is not set to my weight?) Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

Ignore the price but found this on Amazon ... B005543Z3K
Am I on the right track?
My dad does have a compressor in the garage, would this not be advisable to use on the shock?

3, I've read many posts on this forum going on about the Rock Shox Reba. Is it really a good fork to have on a bike as an upgrade at some stage.

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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    1: Some OE forks are not travel adjustable. The only way to find out is to open them up and see if there is a removable spacer.

    2: Forget PSI recommendations. Set by sag - 25% of the fork should compress under your weight when stood on the bike. Halfords do a good shock pump.

    3: Yes, the Reba is mor adjustable, lighter with a better damper.
  • MrCubeLtdMrCubeLtd Posts: 192
    Thanks Sonic, I've read the BikeRadar article ... ion-23318/ a couple of times but if I am being honest its still too technical at this stage. Do you think it would be fair to ask the LBS where I brought the bike to help me set this up?
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    They will help you set it up, but buying a shock pump is always a good idea.
  • MrCubeLtdMrCubeLtd Posts: 192
    Thanks again. Will ring the LBS first thing tomorrow and look at getting the shock fromm Halfords.
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  • MrCubeLtdMrCubeLtd Posts: 192
    Took the plunge and decided to buy a pump and give it a go myself.

    Max travel on the fork was showing just over a 100mm with the cable tie marker. Got my sag down to 31mm at 165psi

    I could of put more air in to reduce the sag further down to 25% - recommended online for my recon tk silver is max 225 psi. So I stayed at 165psi.

    I have adjusted the rebound half way between slow and fast.

    Does this seem ok?
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  • EH_RobEH_Rob Posts: 1,134
    Yep sounds about right to me, you could even go up a bit further to reduce the sag a little more (25% is the value that's usually quoted as SS pointed out), but you're not far off.
  • MrCubeLtdMrCubeLtd Posts: 192
    Thanks - never done this before so I had my mate helping me out to hold the bike while I sat on it to check sag each time we pumped up the shock etc

    Not been offroad yet, massive storms in Newquay but round the block a couple of times and the front seems to be a lot firmer.

    All in all not a bad experience and something else leanrt where I won't have to pay somone to do it.
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  • MrCubeLtdMrCubeLtd Posts: 192
    Just an update: I emailed Cube to find out the maximum recommended fork travel on the Cube Ltd and they said 100mm max, anything else will void the warranty.

    "Thank you for your interest in our brand Cube.

    With replacing the original fork on your bike to a 120mm version the warranty on the frame will be dropped.

    The bike is designed around the specked fork.

    Met sportieve groet / Best regards,

    I'm pedalling as fast as I can!
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