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Pre-race nutrition

evo3benevo3ben Posts: 552
Last year my xc races were mid morning so pre race nutrition wasnt a problem. Now i have stepped up to the next catergory my races start at 14:00.
I start with oats and a bannana. A sports drink on the way there, a hydration drink while im there will a bagle or two, an energy bar then a gel just before the start. This was the last time i raced and have been trying different combo's out over the past few weeks.

If your in the same situation, how do you go about nutrition on race day and any tips or idea's? 8)


  • bigdawgbigdawg Posts: 672
    IM still trying to get it right for the 2pm start tbh, but my twopence worth...

    the night before large carb /protein type dinner, saturday night was pork chops, macaroni/cauliflower cheese )with added mushrooms and chorizo) pease & carrots, thats really as much as I do in the way of carbo loading.

    Race morning big (a desertbowl full) - granola, muesli and banana topped with honey, and a mug or two of strong coffee... This is early as my kids are up normally between 6.30/7.00, so Ill be eating that around 7.30. Around 9.30 Ill have another banana or an apple and then around 11, I start grazing on dried fruit (bananas, mango, pineapple), nuts and bananas, the main thing here is it should be easily digestible. All th while Ill be drinking from a 2 litre bottle of water.

    On the drive to the race Ill also be drinking 750ml of SIS PSP22, a carb/rehydration/electrolyte drink, Ill also be drinking this whilst pre riding. Once pre ride is over finish the psp and have another banana and 15 mins before I may take a gel.

    During the race SIS go- but I rarely finish a 500ml bottle and poss gels if its hot.

    After the race Ill eat prtein rich foods and fruit again.

    Normally I eat a higher protein diet - last may I did the I-Dave diet (which is all over singletrack) and lost just shy of 2 stone, I still keep to the basic principal of it, its easy enough, and I feel a lot better with a lot more energy tbh...

    Having a quick look at what you eat the one thing that wouldnt work for me is the bagle - I dont eat bread anyway, but a bagle just before the race would make me feel really bloated and would give me probs during the race.
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  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    My pre-race ritual, it may not be the best or most scientific method though :wink:

    2-3 days before, carb/protein rich foods - pasta with lots of fresh veg & chicken, also lots of fruit & nuts mixed with greek yoghurt... (I eat loads of that all the time anyway.) Rest/relax as much as poss, min effort on bike if I ride

    Day before, as above but LOTS of fluids on top - I try to fit in an easy spin on the road if I can

    On the day: Kickstart protein mix, then bacon bagels for breakfast - keep hydrated with electrolyte drinks, maybe another bacon bagel an hour before the race... gels every 20 mins or so during the race, energy/electrolyte drink as I need it.
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  • RushmoreRushmore Posts: 674
    Pasta and Tuna...

    Sometimes I have it for breakfast...


    and hydrate....
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  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    About 12, my masseuse brings me nuggets, then some more nuggets then I win teh race.

  • bdtibgembdtibgem Posts: 4
    Try to do most of my eating the day before. Have a huge meal the night before which is always the same: pasta/ spaghetti bolognese, but spelt pasta (rather than regular) which uses less fluid and is easier to digest. Drink 750ml of energy powder with this.

    Morning only a small breakfast at normal time - muesli or similar, maybe with a banana - just to tide me over. Then go for a short spin (only for afternoon races) to wake the legs up and get the metabolism going. 3-3.5hrs before race (say 10.30 for a 14.00 start) medium bowl of spelt pasta, just plain with maybe some butter. Again, goes down easy and digests quickly.

    Then a gel before the start and I'm set. No way could I get away with a bagel either. Given up gels during the race as well now (just use energy drink) because the races are shorter, but I know people who do the opposite and nail gels every lap. It's obviously a very personal thing.

    I agree that the afternoon races are hard to get right though.
  • ian220476ian220476 Posts: 164
    Its a personal thing is probably the best advice. You need to experiment and find your way, but 2pm or 10am, if you work on countdowns leading up to the race start shouldn't make too much difference.

    I don;t carb load before I train so I tend not to before I race - consistency. Days leading up to the race I may switch to more carb centric foods but not OTT or bigger portions. Race day I look to get my eating finished around 3hrs before the race and my hydration done about an hour before the race (wee clear). If hydration is still slightly yellow then no more than a 500ml bottle sipped over the hour leading up. I may (may!) have a banana in the hour leading up but that depends on how I'm feeling.

    Some gels available during the race and some jelly snakes. Also a big fan of the nectar energy drink as well. Practice when you train
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