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What should I buy?!

Jonno87Jonno87 Posts: 2
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Currently don't cycle, but looking to get into it as a means of errand running (milk and bread etc), possibly commuting (approx 10 miles), and am thinking I may take it up as a summer sport .I have just ordered a Cannondale CAADX 6 from lbs, but have seen and read reviews on the cannondale Hooligan that is making me think about changing my mind! For what I need and the way I would use it initially, it seems a great way to get me back on two wheels. I want something for now that I can just get on and off, real low maintenance, care free riding. I used to ride a race bmx back at school and something as laid back as this would be great, but a bit more functionality (ie knees not up to my face) would be great!
Which one should I choose. I liked the speed and slickness of the CAADX, don't want a road bike as it may be used elsewhere (young family).
Thanks in advance!


  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    The CAADX 6 is a cyclocross bike so a "road bike" of sorts but more practical. Ideal for your stated purpose in my opinion and with the thicker tyres would be fine for towpaths, bridleways etc with the family.

    I really don't know what to make of the hooligan so I will just say that for me the CAADX would win hands down.
  • corshamjimcorshamjim Posts: 234
    I do like the look and whole idea of the Hooligan a lot (although personally I'm too old and fuddy-duddy ever to own one myself!). Yes it looks like it should be very low maintenance. My regular commuter bike has 3-speeds too which is plenty for almost anything that doesn't involve lots of really steep hills. I couldn't use it for cycling out with my local club on a Saturday morning though, as they all use lightweight road bikes and I'd never keep up!

    Welcome to the forum!
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