when to replace tyres?

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I've had a set of ultra sport continentals on my bike from new, changed a puncture today and they seemed really thin, typically how many miles would a normal tyre last? probably close to 1500 on this set


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    Between 1600 on race tyres to 5k on hard trainers. When it needs changing you will notice a distinct sholder on the rear tyre where its worn flat.
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    There should be a wear indicator on the tyre. It looks like a round hole somewhere along the circumference. It starts off only a couple of millimetres deep when the tyre is new. Have a look around it, and if you can't see it, then the tyre needs replacing.

    Unless, of course, those tyres don't have a wear indicator... Either way, that seems a little low to me. I think I normally get around double that. Check both tyres too - the rear tends to wear more than the front.

    Tyre wear depends not only on distance, but also riding conditions, weight and speed.

    There's a well known acronym applicable here: YMMV

    I hope I've been helpful!
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    Anyhoo, my Shwalbe Lugano's which came on my bike were retired at about 1500, loads of wear left but shredded by terrible roads - loads of cuts, etc. Mind you, they were superb winter tyres - 0 visits from the P* fairy

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    SecretSam wrote:

    +1 - I've no idea either :lol:

    I just replaced my Schwalbe Delta Cruisers on the Dawes. They'd probably done a good 3000 miles. I only changed them because I could see the inner tube starting to bulge out of a huge cut that had been in the tyre for about 2000 miles!
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    Rolf F wrote:
    SecretSam wrote:

    +1 - I've no idea either :lol:

    Your mileage may vary.

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