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hi guys I came down with an illness last year not long after riding my bike so haven't been out in awhile till weekend it's been 8months.I'm fine again now just virus couldn't shift.
what I would like to know is I want to build muscle up in my legs and arms fitness levels getting married in September want to feel good again, how much would riding the trails in my area going to help will be out 3/4 times a week for hour to hour half longer at weekends is mountainbiking enough will a road bike help.
also what supplements should I take powders etc food.
I asked in my local bike shop didn't get alot of response.bought a few MTb mags not slot in there on
supplements etc.would a cycling mag be better
thanks for any information the net is mind boggling would like expert advice from you guys


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    To be honest mountain biking is more cardio than muscle building. It'll build your muscles up a bit and help immensely with stamina but to build bigger muscles you need to be in the gym and eating a lot! Supplements are exactly that... supplements. they're not miracle workers, get the majority of your nutrients from proper food, use supplements if you can't get enough food in, in the day, or you're short on cash then supplements can be cheaper option. check out for cheap good quality supplements. Other than that, google menshealth tentigers workout for a good routine to putting on good size. riding a bike won't get you big. It's hardwork combining the two!
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    thanks Concorde I will look at those sites.
    I realise I won't bulk out need weights gym for that just wanted to put bit muscle on in calfs and legs,not sure if the bike works other areas.I just see some guys on bikes with musculy legs calfs wondered how they got it.
    I've started taking sis recovery only that at moment didn't no if there was better options,
    Or others should take consider.
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    Judging by the leg muscles on some of the cyclists out there, cycling must build up muscle quite well. It's a question of how much you do you. A road bike can help as it helps you vary the routine a bit and sometimes it's easier to get out on the road when you haven't got time to drive to the trails, but in the end do what you enjoy most (probably MTB'ing :) ).

    But like was said above, try some gym work as well if your main aim is muscle building. Main problem for me with that is that the gym is boring.
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    It'll build your legs a bit yes but nothing like squatting will, simple as that really. Don't know what that recovery thing is that you're taking. Basically if you want to put on muscle you have to put on weight, to do this you need to be eating more than you burn during the day. I eat over 3000 calories a day and on days when I ride I eat well above that, its the only way. You said you want to build arms as well as legs, mountain biking will do very little for your arms... gym it is. I love the gym, never there more than an hour, high intensity workout for an hour and the time flies and you leave feeling great.
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    Depends how you ride, you can build arms, shoulders and chest by riding DH/Freeride (basically jumping and chucking the bike around) but you won't build it anywere near as dedicated gym work as Concorde has already pointed out.
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    hi guys thanks for the advice the trails are right on my doorstep don't need to drive anywhere pretty lucky really unless want to try somewhere new,the sis I'm taking is the science in sport reco drink,
    that's what was advised in the shop,I will work out an eating plan with it,probally do gym work at home I work 13 hours a day so can't go really rather go out on bike when got time.I just wanted to build my leg stamina up and put bit muscle on to make them alot stronger due to them so weak from last couple Years (arthritis & illness) all under control now the best I've felt im gaining confidence again.