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HELP - LOOK Sizing and bike fit !

chris217chris217 Posts: 217
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Gents …and Ladies!
Need a bit of help regarding bike fit as considering a new frame.
Currently I ride a size 58cm with a 58 top tube 18cm head tube but have about 40 / 50 mm spacers to make bar height correct, so total stack height ( head tube and spacers ) is around 230mm.
I also run a 120mm stem
I am 189cm ( 6’2” and a bit in old money ) I have longer Torso and slightly shorter legs.
I am looking at a LOOK 585 but it’s an XXL or 59cm, the top tube is 58.7cm and head tube 19.9cm the seat tube is quite long at 59cm.
Two concerns:
1) Concern that this might be too big although is really only 7mm longer than my current setup and I could probably do with a taller head tube as I use a lot of spacers.
2) I could reduce the stem length by going down to 110mm stem but don’t want it to be twitchy and would prefer to stick with 120mm

Is it better to buy a smaller frame and have a longer stem or vice versa?

Also to add more to the mix, I previously had an S-works Roubaix in size 58 which had a 58.2 top tube and I ran a 120mm stem with no problems. So maybe I need a longer top tube anyway ???
I really want the LOOK as they are phenomenal bikes and was hoping I could get it to fit.
What should I do ???

Any thoughts opinions from similar sized people would be mucho appreciato !!!

p.p.s – NapD I know we are similar sizes and LOOK fans so would appreciate your view also.


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Where are you based Chris217.

    I ask this because the guys at Epic Cycles (base in Ludlow) would probably be able to sort you out size wise since they are LOOK specialists amongst other top end brands. You could pop along and sit on some of there stock bikes or just pick up the phone and discuss your sizing problems.

    Popped in there yesterday for a browse while visiting my daughter. Great reception, helpful suggestions and no pressure tactics.
  • chris217chris217 Posts: 217
    cheers thanks, i am Bristol based but could give them a call, thanks
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Try the 585 Optimum - it's the bike I have and has a shorter top tube and taller head tube than the standard 585. They can still be found as framesets (they were never officially sold as built up bikes).

    That said, long torso and short legs should mean you do want a longer frame rather than a shorter one. I'm about 6 foot 1 (long legs, short torso) and my Optimum is a large.
    Faster than a tent.......
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