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I'm on a waiting list for a new frame (shouldn't be too long now), and will likely spec 953 as it's a treat for my 40th. I am advised that a 953 fork may be flexy in comparison to a regular steel fork, and really only suited to lighter riders (I'm 12 1/2 stone). Aside from the lighter weight of 953, the practicality of a brushed steel fork is appealing as that is an area that always seems to lose paint after a while. Has anyone got an opinion on this?


  • stock up on stainless cleaning products
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    Yeah, good one. Yawn....
  • I'm being serious

    don't expect 953 to stay shiny just because its stainless
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    Ah, sorry, thought you were taking the wee wee. It's not a problem with the cleaning, more the fact of having no paint to chip/scratch that appeals.
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    getting hold of the forks may be the biggest problem, 953 fork legs are like hens teeth. I don't think the stiffness will be a problem if your builder can get them. My experience of 953 (not as much as I'd like...) is that it's plenty rigid. But do stock up on cleaning products.
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    At work we do the odd stainless steel kitchen refurbishments and the cleaners when we finish them just use baby oil so I wonder if this will work for your frame.