Spesh Langster Freewheel Removal Tool... and axle bolts

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Hi there,

I'm trying to over-haul my commuting bike (Specialised Langster) and have now got round to doing the free-wheel. I want to put on a new one and have replaced the whole thing like for like: Shimano Single Speed Freewheel 16tooth (part number SF-MX30). Now all I need is the tools to remove it!

I have had a look around and can't find anywhere that says the right tool to remove this part. Park tools have a number of different tools that look like they might do the job (FR-6, FR-8) but are all slightly different sizes. All help appreciated.

Also, Parktools are quite expensive - anyone got any good experiences with other brands?

One last thing - I also want to replace the axle bolts aswell due to corrosion. Anyone know what size I need? The ones on Chain Reaction Cycles seem to be either 10mm or 14mm but I'm pretty sure mine are 15mm when I measure them. Do 15mm axle bolts exist and if so where!

Thanks for the help.



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    You want the FR-6 tool, the 10/14mm refers to the axle size so you want the 10mm bolts.

    Velosolo do a remover for £5
  • Brilliant - thanks for that.

    Tool and bolts on order (although I could only find bolts in stock in Halfords)...That Velosport is a good website - I hadn't seen that one before.

    One other question - how do I find out what size bearings I need to service the hubs as I have no callipers. And any idea where to get them?

    Thanks for the help.

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    As mentioned above wheel nuts you need are 10mm, the 14/15mm you refer to is the size across flats (A/F). Grab yourself a decent bi-hez 15mm ring spanner for those times when you need to remove the wheel on the road. I found a short combi spanner and cut the O/E end off for the saddlebag.
    I had the right tool for my shimano freewheel but not a jussie big enough so ended up buying a 15" jussie which is long enough for most jobs I do.
    Bearings are 1/4" x9 in each side, look on Ebay for SS ball bearings or if you see different ABEC numbers, go for the highest.
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