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First few vids

legacydanlegacydan Posts: 62
edited April 2012 in Your pics and vids
So, first few cycles of the season, got a GoPro Hero 2 camera, originally got it for frequent track days in my car but engine went in that so keeping it off the track from now on after expensive engine rebuild! Using adhesive mount on side of my helmet here's 2 clips from some what people would call XC trails, in local mountains in Dublin in Tick Nock forrest area. only 2nd time up on them so still getting used to them. Lots of big rocks and tree stumps to go into but currently wear full face helmet and body armor top and some knee pads, overkill for the way up but i think needed for these downhill sections where you can get it a good bit of speed.

Apologies for background music, needed to throw something over the wind noise and that! Also still need to perfect mounting position as its aimed too low as i go down the tracks, might invest in the chest harness and handle bar mount
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