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Training loads not sufficient?

TheomerchantTheomerchant Posts: 187
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Hi All, I'm having trouble getting out training lately and I'm worried its going to affect my racing.
I started racing this season with my first race done at the end of March, prior to this race and over winter I had got plenty of training done in the form of long club rides, track training, roller / turbo intervals and commuting (so riding quite a lot!)
Since my first race I haven't been able to train anywhere near as much. I have raced twice since with a first place in my second race bumping me up to 3rd CAT which I was over the moon with! but with my training dwindling down I'm worried I'm not going to be able to keep up in the big world of the 3rd CATS :P.
At the moment I'm managing to get about three hours on the turbo in the week which consist of a couple of interval sessions and one steady session and then racing on the weekend which can vary between a 1hr Crit or a 2hr RR with no long rides being done at all. that's all I can get in at the moment.
Will this be sufficient to maintain the fitness that I built up over winter and spring or will it start dwindling as I'm not getting any regular long rides in?
Granted there's not much I can do in regards to getting any more training in at the moment but I'd just like to know in advance if I'm going to start under performing in races?




  • DavidJBDavidJB Posts: 2,019

    You'll probably be ok in Crits as these are generally an hour but yes your base will start dropping off without doing z1-z2 long base rides. The best thing you can probably do is intervals 2 on 2 off or get the sufferist videos. Unfortunately 3 hours isn't enough training time per week so you will suffer but base fitness takes a lot longer to loose than top end so hopefully you can start training more before long but forget big 50 mile road races for the time being!

    Also drop 1/2 the races and use the 3/4 hours it costs getting to a race, racing and getting back to get in a good long session or get up at 5am and get more training time. You can always fit in a few extra hours early mornings!
  • I'd say all you need to do is squeeze in a long ride somewhere and that's basically a decent amount of training for an amateur to do I.e.
    3 x turbo sessions in the week (just make them count!)
    1x race every weekend
    1x long ride

    Assuming you race on Sundays - can you not get a longer steady ride in on the Saturday if you get up early?
    Put me back on my bike...

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  • ozzzyosborn206ozzzyosborn206 Posts: 1,340
    i wouldn't do too much on saturday before a sunday race otherwise you'll cook yourself, is there any reason you couldn't go for an hour spin after your 2 hour race, doing that should be enough, at the end of the day if your not planning on racing much longer than 2 hours you won't need to do much more that that length if you are racing it week in week out
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