Bad Back= New bike project

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Hi, you may have seen some of my previous posts and seen that i have a serious back problem (Im 16 and its been going on 20 months) Its got to the point now were im spending most of my time in a wheelchair so obviously im unable to ride, But instead of not doing anything i have got myself a project to do. The money has come from selling a bike i made before(Find "How much would you pay for this" if you want to have a look at it) And from selling a guitar. I have £260 and no more to spend building it,
Please remember it may take me a while to complete it as it is harder doing all the jobs from a wheelchair( Some of the jobs wont be done by me but by my Dad as it would simply be far to painful for me)
So here are the pictures of it so far:
Thanks for reading, happy to answer any questions you might have i will hopefully update it soon :D
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