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Winter training bike - opinions?

pedrojakepedrojake Posts: 229
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So, I've got the option for the cycle to work coming around again and fancy a new bike. I picked up a Pinarello FP2 last year which I really like. Other than wanting to upgrade the wheels I'll keep it as it is.

I rode it through the winter however found it a bit tiring towards the end of the season; the racier set up and constant cleaning after every single ride (it's White!) that was required. Really regret not keeping the Spesh allez elite I had before as a winter trainer with a set of mud guards on it, but needed the cash at the time.

So I've identified 3 bikes which tick a lot of boxes which mean I can put away the piña and thrash away through the winter. It'll be used primarily for longer slower club runs at the weekend, and probably put on the turbo during the week. The runs in the winter tend to be flatter with less climbing. I'm looking for something a bit more comfortable with a permanent set of decent mudguards on it. I plan to spend c £550-600. The balance of the c2w allowance to buy a new wheel set for the pinarello (either RS 80 or Kysirium elites)

Basically wanting to know folks experiences with the following. By no means top spec machines but will be bought to serve a purpose

What's the views on these options as a good winter trainer. I want both bikes to last a loooonnng time.

Cannondale synapse sora

Couple of guys in the club use cannondales, although tend to be the caad 8/10.

The classic Ribble 7005 winter trainer ... =conf_SERC

Scott Speedster ... gn=froogle
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