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Arriving in Paris by Eurostar, I wasn't impressed by the treatment handed out to bikes being unloaded from the train. They were just stacked up one bike against another in a none-too-secure fashion with the first bike's top tube resting against a convenient column. One bike was almost on the ground having either slipped or been knocked by a passing passenger. If it was my own expensive Canyon, I would be tempted to protect the frame and forks with some material like bubble wrap or foam before handing the bike over to Eurostar.


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    You mean you dont cycle from one end of the train to the other?
    Whats the solution? Just pedal faster you baby.

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    I'm not sure if I've understood your comment.

    Just to make it clear for everyone, you can't carry your bike with you on Eurostar (unless it is a folding bike or you find some other way of fitting it in a package measuring 85cm max.). Instead you have hand it over to Eurostar at the departure station and collect it at the arrival station and I don't think you get to wheel the bike to and from the train. I've not used this service myself (and it costs almost as much as the cheapest tickets). Still if you are going to use the service, I think you should protect the bike against any rough treatment it might receive. Baggage handlers are the same the world over, some take good care of customers' possessions and the others could do better.
  • I've taken a fast hybrid packed in a soft bike bag (only wheels removed and placed either side of the frame) on Eurostar/TGV trains many times without paying a penny extra. Each trainset has one set of luggage racks for oversized items. If you don't have a bike bag use a big bin liner.
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    Cycloslalomeur is right. On checking the Eurostar site, I see you have the possibility of carrying your bike with you if you can dismantle it and put it in a "bike bag" measuring no more than 120cm: If you ask me it's better to invest in the bike bag than pay £30 each way to reserve a bike space on the train or pay £25 each way to use the registered baggage service.