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Tell me which 9-speed Rear Campag Mech to buy

calvjonescalvjones Posts: 3,850
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For my 2007ish Veloce'd commuter, triple (with max 25 sprocket on the back)

Xenon 9 - £33

Veloce (black) 10 - £47

Daytona 9 - £52

Chorus - £60+

Is there any functional/construction difference, or would I be paying £20 to avoid a black Xenon mech? The Daytona spec implies it's a bit different to Veloce/Chorus?

Thanks in advance,


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  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Generally the only difference as the range goes up (as does the price) is that the weight comes down.

    At the end of the day its a series of metal cogs that allow you to turn your pedalling into forward motion via a chain.
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • drudru Posts: 1,341
    Sorry for hijack, I've got an old Veloce rear mech (silver) that used to run a 25T cassette no problems - yours for a fraction of the cost of new - PM me if interested.
  • davem399davem399 Posts: 269
    I've recently replaced the Veloce 9 speed rear mech on a 1999 Ribble. I got a Xenon 9 speed and had no trouble in getting it set up and indexing well. Paid less than £30. I did read on the web somewhere (an American site I think) that Campag modified 9 speed kit later on and there would be compatibility issues mixing new and old but I haven't had any problems in the 3 weeks or so since fitting the Xenon mech.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    'Daytona' was thee original name for what Campag now call 'Centaur' - there was a trade-mark issue.
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