Polar CS100 average speed does not seem accurate

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I bought a polar cs100 computer and have been using it for a month now my average speed says 15mph or there abouts. I also use imapmyride on my iphone so that I can record the route on a map and noticed my average speed is about 23mph. So i decided to work it out for myself based on the miles I cycled and the time it took. The app seems more accurate. Has anyone else had this problem as both the computer and app are recording a similar distance and time but the computer seem to by way out with the average speed.

(last ride was 34.7miles and took 2 hours 20 minutes. Which I calculate to be an average speed off 24.78mph)

Maybe my calculations are incorrect


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    Ally83 wrote:
    (last ride was 34.7miles and took 2 hours 20 minutes. Which I calculate to be an average speed off 24.78mph)

    Maybe my calculations are incorrect

    I make that about 15mph.
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    Speed is distance divided by time taken. You may need to be careful how you express the time in the calculation because 2 hours 30 mins is 2.5 hours not 2.3 hours for instance.

    Just trying to understand how you could have messed up the calculation.
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    I get 17.56mph.
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    It's 14.87 mph as posted previously.

    The manual calculation is....
    34.7 miles divided by the number of minutes taken, in this case 140 minutes.
    This gives you a distance of 0.24785714285714285714285714285714 miles travelled for each minute of the ride.
    To give an average miles per hour you multiply by 60.

    60 times 0.24785714285714285714285714285714 = 14.87
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    This is just silly. :P 2 hours 20 mins is 2.333 hours.

    s=14.87 miles per hour :idea:

    The comp is right, the app is wrong. Often GPS can be patchy of phones. The Polar should alow you to see your GPS accuracy - typicly about 24 ft on my Garmin 800, so it knows where I am +- 8m. So on an 8m ride it may get my speed out by 100% but on a 50 km ride it is accurate to 0.016% of exact.

    And with the greatest respect a 24mph average would have been very impressive over 35 miles, particulally if you are solo, which I assume you are as otherwise you would have asked a fellow ride their average. If you was capable of 24 mph you would dam well know it! 8)
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    Thanks guy realised I was converting the time into minutes and the app is giving the wrong units.

    Feel like an idiot now lol
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    Was the app reading in km/h?

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    Now, if you had a bike computer that said you were averaging 24mph when doing 15mph you could make a few bob selling that on this forum.

    Yeah I realise there are a few people with these already :D

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