giant ridesense set up help

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i recently got a new giant tcr advance 3 with built in ridesense sensor on the rear

i purchased these magnets ... ... _info.html

question.. does the bigger one be cable tied around the arm of the pedal and the smaller one connect to a spoke on the wheel??

i have a garmin edge 500 and would like to get it set up to work with that...
anyone any experience in setting these things up


  • alihisgreat
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    that would make sense.. one for cadence and one for speed.

    Do the magnets come with instructions?
  • tbeat
    tbeat Posts: 119
    unfortunately not and i couldnt find much online either
  • rpd_steve
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    The larger one does indeed get cable tied around the crank arm to line up with the sensor and the small round one goes on the spoke to line up with the speed sensor line.

    If you are using the Garmin magnets then the cadance one is almost like a tapered black rectangle with a small section of magnet showing - thats the bit you line up. They also have a foam backed self adheasive strip on them. Mine is just stuck on and not cable tied and it stays fine, just make sure you clean up your arm with nail polish remover/thinners/brake cleaner first to make sure it dosent come off. If in doubt use the ugly cable tie!