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Rockshox Reba Race completely seized

rc200rc200 Posts: 4
edited April 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a pair of Reba Races, about three years old and, shamefully, hardly used at all (500 miles tops). They've never been too covered in censored and appear, on the outside at least, as if they are brand new.

Just picked up the bike to get out and about in the hills again but the forks have completely seized up - no travel whatsoever (not even 1mm!). I went on a short ride thinking this may free something up but ain't gonna happen. No signs of leakage, air pressure is right, bike has never been stored on its side or upsidedown.

Any ideas what the problem could be? I'm more than happy to get stuck in and service myself (although not sure I should have to when they've seen such little use). Half tempted to put the old RC35's back on which still work perfectly well after 12 years!!

Cheers in advance for advice.


  • cameraukcamerauk Posts: 1,000
    Will they budge if you let all of the air pressure out of them?
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  • rc200rc200 Posts: 4
    It seems not. I've just let all air out and they're still stuck fast! As I said earlier, not even a hint of travel at the moment :(
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Possibly a seal has gone and the oil from the damper has drained out and hydraulically locked the fork.
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  • rc200rc200 Posts: 4
    The flat bit of Lancashire? :) Unlucky stubs!

    Thanks for the advice, I don't know much about suspension but judging by how rock solid they seem to be stuck I think you're probably right. Well, best get my hands dirty and have a look then...
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