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Glentress Spooky Wood 2012 GoPro Hero2

triathlonstueytriathlonstuey Posts: 5
edited April 2012 in Your pics and vids
Apparently I've forgotten my old login details!

Here's an unedited version of the video:

And there are more on my YouTube channel including one with the old GoPro in the same weather conditions:

Both really sunny days but not crazy warm. Unsure about whether the upgrade was worth it but I've gone and done it now. Apologies for being awful at mountain biking, as my username would suggest, I'm more used to the road bike.



  • Good vid, always liked Glentress!
    Spooky wood was never my fav section though, magic mushroom was probably my fav

    few things though...

    1) How long has it been that flat and smooth?! Doesn't even look like single track anymore, more like pavement in some sections! I swear it was a bit more rugged about 5 years ago!
    2) Some of that looks wider than some fire roads I've ridden up/down!
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    perhaps you've been living in wales too long ben and you've got used to how gnarly the riding is down here and everything else looks easy :wink:
  • I think it's just repairs they do for it to get worn in again... Not sure.

    The worst part isn't the sections of trail like that, it's the shiny new coffee shop where you have to wait an hour to get served then another hour for a burger!
  • EH_RobEH_Rob Posts: 1,134
    They've resurfaced it over the winter - they shut it for ages as they were chopping trees down up there, and then had to resurface it cos of all the driving/tree felling that had gone on. Its more like a bmx track in places now! It's still fun, and given the number of people who ride it I guess it'll be back to normal in no time. The only problem is that you can carry far more speed through it than before, so some of the jumps are in completely the wrong place - there's one in particular that I'm sure if you hit hard enough you could fly over the next berm.

    Although it is quite wide, I think that camera angle might make it look even wider than it actually is.
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