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Problem with new forks...Help

oneyedmikeoneyedmike Posts: 22
edited April 2012 in The workshop
Hi All
Firstly, apologies for not knowing all the technical terms!!!!! :roll:

I have been putting right a few things on my old GT Zaskar LE - the old forks were goosed, and I got some Kona project 2 rigid forks to use bike for commuting.

Had a right struggle getting the old original forks off (Bombers!) but my issue now is where the forks go in the frame (crown???) at the bottom part the bearings assembly won't come together properly and so there is a gap & play in the fork.

Is it as easy as new bearings?

Secondly - is it possible to have the old forks refurbished?



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Have you taken the crown race off the old forks? (And put it on the new ones.)
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  • Yes I did that- it was a buggar to get off & on!
    The gap is above that-can't get the forks to go in anymore and sit flush-gap is only 1-2 mm but it's there! Think I'll take it down lbs as soon as they open.
    Thanks for the reply
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    You put the bearings in the right way round?
  • Thanks supersonic - I even checked on web in case I'd got that wrong - and thought "Have I bought the wrong forks!" but they all checked out - it's in the lbs now! I was gutted though after various other replacements & maintenance I can't ride it!
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