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New Helmet - Just had a crash

yeachan153yeachan153 Posts: 401
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So I was cycling downhill at around 13 mph :oops: (it was a hybrid!!), clear cycle path no stones etc, when I'm suddenly flung forward and come down head first. Brakes weren't jammed, but when I picked the bike up the chain was off the chain ring and sproket, my brake lever had broken off and I found my handlebars way out of alignment (10-15 degrees). I can't quite understand how I was flung forward, 10-15 degrees won't throw me completely over, and I'm sure brake levers don't just brake off and jam the front spokes either, plus it was a straight road. I did fall to the left though, and the wheels lurch right when the bars are straight so it was probably the bolt tightening the steerer that came loose. It's frightening how 1 small thing can do that, I'm quite scared to go down hills on my allez now at 30+ mph, god knows what injuries I would sustain then. Anyway, I was pretty lucky being thrown left then right into cars, and a nice man stopped by to ask if I was okay! Moral I guess is always maintain your bike properly especially if you go on downhills at speed.

Now need a new helmet, I had a Bell Alchera which fitted me perfectly as I have a pretty big and wide head. But it looked terrible in all red. Anybody know of any similarly wide helmets or ones that have wide/slim adjustments? Or any links to sales are appreciated.

Gonna get back on the bike ASAP!


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    You got thrown over the bars ? First thing is to work out how - cant see how a loose stem would do that. Did the wheel jam ? Something thru the wheel or jamming the brake on ?

    And as for new hat - try for fit when you drop the bike off at the LBS for repairs ?
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