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spec rock hopper 2012 NG7

afsafs Posts: 5
edited April 2012 in MTB stolen
i have just had the displeasure of watching 2 dirty little scrotes steal my specialized rock hopper 2012 from NG7 1LD or castle marina, Nottingham, between 3:30 and 3:45 this afternoon.

it was the orange, black and white version with crank brothers egg beater pedals

this was the replacement bike for the cannondale f6 that was stolen about 2 months ago from the same location.

it was locked up with a abus cable lock at work with CCTV on the bike area, the 2 rode in and left me with a rubbish bike and rode off on mine.

i will be keeping an eye you on all the usual sites, but to be fair the insurnace company is good and replace quickly

heres to hoping i get it back
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