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defy 1 or bianchi via nirone 7

Sta81Sta81 Posts: 56
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Hi everyone,
Im looking at getting a new road bike, actually my very first road bike...after a knee injury in windsurfing, im determined to build strong legs and improve my stamina so a road bike seems it will do the job..i;ve been reading reviews and comments on the bikes im interested in but the more i read the more confusing everything budjet is around 1000-1200 euro max and im looking for a bike that it will be comfortable, fast with reliable more interested in long distance rides and comfort is an issue since the asphalt quality of the roads where i live is pretty bad...
the 2 bikes i've come down to are: giant defy 1 2012 and bianchi via nirone 7 2012...

cant really find any reviews on this years bianchi except one comparison between 5 bikes of the same budget saying that the bianchi is really really comfortable...i must say that i really like the celest color as well...i think the bike is beautiful...but are looks more important than all the rest? bikeradar reviewed the defy and stated that its the best bike one could get for that money...However, i believe that since i have no experience with road bikes i wouldnt be able at this point to feel any differences if i was to ride both bikes....

defy 1 or bianchi via nirone 7?


  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,199
    No experience of owning either but came very close to buying a Bianchi (in celeste) before going down the self build route. I still think I will own one some day. I don't think you will come across many people who don't like the look of Bianchi bikes, they are stunning to look at and have considerable heritage and reputation. Looks aren't the be all and end all but are probably more important than most of us would admit. I doubt either bike will disappoint to be honest but I suspect that if you bought the Giant you would still covet the looks of the Bianchi as you are obviously smitten by it.
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  • singletonsingleton Posts: 2,468
    Firs thing is that you need a bike that fits you. After that it's preference - some people buy the lightest ting they can, others buy the one they like the look of... If you prefer one over the other, and the fit's similar - there's your answer :)
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    I've got the Defy 1 and its amazing, the bikeradar review doesn't exaggerate how great the ride is!

    But the Bianchi is also a great bike, and I have to admit it looks superb, whereas the looks of the Giant may not be to some peoples tastes.

    Its also worth thinking about the Groupset, you'll can a Bianchi with Campagnolo as well as the Shimano groupsets... but you can only get the Giant with Shimano.

    Having said that you're paying £200-£250 more to get 105/veloce on the Bianchi.. which is quite a lot more than the Giant.

    have a look at the deal Epic cycles are doing on the Veloce version though.. it comes with upgraded wheels
  • Sta81Sta81 Posts: 56
    thanx for the replies guys...its so weird...i've been reading about all this technical stuff, frames, wheels, components..its a whole new world out there...the technology and the products are amazing...but i just keep looking on this picture of the bianchi...emotionaly, i have already chosen my new bike!!
  • I haven't ridden the Giant so my opinion is not objective but i have a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 alu/carbon and IMO it is a thing of beauty that rides very nicely too. I changed the saddle from the Ponza to a charge spoon (on recommendation but to be honest i didn't give the ponza a fair trial and it is now on another bike) and the wheels to Halo Mercurys but this was mainly to get it slightly lighter rather than any issues with the shimano wheels that were on it originally. A lovely bike!
  • mar_kmar_k Posts: 323
    I had a 2011 via nirone 7 and loved it, I only sold it as I wanted to get back on a MTB,
    I regret selling the Bianchi and I am currently trying to convince the Mrs that we have space for me to buy another one and keep the MTB.

    I will deffinately buy another one soon, even if I have to sell the MTB.

    I didn't believe in spending loads on bikes until I rode a Bianchi
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    Some piccys of my Giant to even the thread up a bit!

    It does look great in the sun!


    They are both bikes that in my opinion look more expensive than they are... its just the Bianchi is a little more bling.
  • *Sensible head on*
    Both are fine bikes. Are you going to do the maintenance yourself, or is the LBS going to do it? Don't underestimate the advice and backup they can give. If they sell/service both Giant and Bianchi then that question's answered. Of course, any bike shop can and will service any bike.
    Totally biased advice: Bianchi. I have a Via Nirone and it is ace. You will not regret buying one. I also found the saddle truly horrible, but easily changed. The Giant looks more workaday, the Bianchi looks more special. It's an Italian thing. And as we all know, looks are important.
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  • buzzwoldbuzzwold Posts: 197
    Hi Sta8,

    What did you decide?

    I was looking at the same time but on a tighter budget and ended up with the Bianchi but with Sora. The Giant's just didn't look special enough. Pleased with the bike but now considering wheel upgrade to lighten it up. Either that or I spend £1500 on the Vertigo and upgrade the bike.
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  • Mmmmm, Vertigo!

    Go Bianchi, my friend, but again my allegiance is clear.
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  • Bikes are so competent now that its hard to go wrong so for a beginner as long as it fits the one tugs your heartstrings is probably more likely to get you out there more often which is the most important thing. That said I have a 2012 Giant Defy 4 and it's really a very impressive bike. The tube shaping makes it look almost like a carbon frame so if you like that "look" then it fits the bill. The front end feels very stable and it seems if anything more comfortable than the carbon fibre Ribble I used to have
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