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Which bike for West Country Way?

crazysheepcrazysheep Posts: 18
edited April 2012 in Tour & expedition
Planning to do the West Country Way in June. Currently ride a Spesh Sectuer which I don't think will cope with either extra weight of stuff in Panniers or off-road sections. Hence I think that there is a need for a bike that will cope. I would prefer a bike that will give me as close to a road feel as possible but have clearences for tyres capable of dealing with off-road.

In my ignorance it would seem that logically the Spesh Sirrus is the right bike to pick as I can put some narrow road like tyres on it of say 28/30/32 and hope that they will cope.

Can anyone suggest an alternative that is close to the road bike experience? (As it is a one off trip which may turn into an annual event I am setting a limit on the bike of a few hundred quid, not enough for a crossbike).


  • A CX bike, you seem to like the big S so look at the Tricross disc, the Crux doesn't have rack mounts and is more of a racer. Alternatively the Boardman CX looks better on paper and has a carbon fork vs the tricross which is Alu.

    Oh, just read your last line. That's no good then :lol:

    FTR I've got a Sirrus and it's not much like a road bike, soon to be chopped in for the CX.
  • Thanks for the reply, I may look for a pre-owned Tricross then, or a earlier year model.
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