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Very random question for a cycling forum, but does anyone know a good place to buy half bottles of wine?

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  • Cleat Eastwood
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    only cos my bro gets his stuff from there - laithewaites, cant say i've seen any in any supermarkets tbh.
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  • nevman
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    Serious or having a larf-one 75cl bottle is that size because it was thought to be (just) enough for one person at dinner.I let the missus `share` my bottle.Common now in France to see a couple sharing half bottles but a bit unsettling.I think you may have to search specialists to find a decent list eg Berry Bros,Adnams etc.Cheers anyway.
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  • Stone Glider
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    Tanners of Shrewsbury have a decent range but IIRC M&S have quite a few on their shelves.
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  • jordan_217
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    I've seen them in Morrisons. They also usually have a decent range of the single glass size bottles too (like the ones they serve on planes).
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  • Why not just buy two full bottles instead? That's what we used to do in Glasgow when I was a boy and we couldn't find a grown up who would but us half bottles in the offie.
  • RideOnTime
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    Got a whole range of them in our Tesco.