Muscle Fatigue?

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Hi All,

Was hoping I could grab some advice on something which has freaked me out a bit today. I am a big lad (274lbs) and decided to do something about it, so about 3 weeks ago I decided to get back into mountain biking as its something I enjoyed as a child and also date a very keen cyclist. So armed with my new bike, I started cycling to work which is about 10 miles and a mix of roads and trail, a couple of very small climbs, but mostly flat. I also started going out riding with my girlfriend on weekends, which is most embaressing as she is a super sonically fit triathlete and does each hill twice to give herself a challenge while I crawl up it, still its very pleasent following her bottom in lycra. So all in all, I have gone from doing nothing to doing about 70-80 miles per week for the last 3 weeks. Now this has worked brilliantly in the respect that I have lost about 10lbs, and am feeling far better, however, have hit a bit of a roadblock.

Yesterday I found cycling to work tough, and then today even on the flat it has felt like my legs were about to explode. I kept stopping to check the bike, as it felt like I was cycling with the brakes on, but it was all flowing fine. I have only had a couple of days off in the three weeks, and I am hoping this is just muscle fatigue.

Has anyone experienced this???




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    Try taking a few days off to rest the legs and then head out again.
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    I had this problem after a knee injury and doing sod all for about 18months, my legs were very weak. I started at the gym and the first couple of weeks would be fine then all of a sudden I couldn't do as much and my muscles were screaming! Have a day or two to rest to give your legs a chance to recover then go for it again it might happen again in a week or so but just repeat and it should stop as your legs get stronger and more used to cycling everyday :)