Fuelling during enduro

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Hi guys,

I've signed up for the Gorrick 100 and the Bucks Off Road as well as hitting the 12 hour 24/12 solo in July. Until then my best training and thus nutrition experimentation will come from two 60km events on top of my regular training.

In terms of fuelling during a general ride or race, I generally use the rule of thumb of about 50g carbs per hour and about 500-750ml of water per hour.

Does this just carry on through for enduros or should I be aiming to have something more solid at some point? Or will this just cause me to feel sick?


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    To be honest you need to try a few things out and see what works for you - suggest you do this on long training rides rather than races, gets expensive and frustrating otherwise!

    I generally do shorter races, but doing a 12 hour solo (Torchbearer at 24/12) I just did exactly what I do in XC races - bottle of High 5 a lap with some Elete Water. I supplemented that with a combination of 'real' food - Jelly Babies, chocolate muffins, Mars bars, and Torq gels. Was fine, I was pretty paranoid about blowing up or getting massive cramp so was actually taking it a bit easy. Sped up on the last lap and ended up being my quickest by some way. YMMV.