Tyre sizes,

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What differnce does size of tyre make?
Like is it differnt for flat and climbing.
Ive go some Bontrager select 700c x 25c still because i couldnt be bothered to get some new ones.


  • sungod
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    25mm is fine for most road use, it'll be more comfy, have better grip, and be a bit less liable to flat than a narrower tyre

    better quality tyres may be lighter and/or grippier
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  • Ninjatrev
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    So what would be a good upgrade from my tyre but in dame 25c. I had panracer ones on but went back to these as they got holes apear in them!
  • kim10
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    It depends what you want to use it for. I prefer Continental GP4000 s. Great tyre with good compromise between speed and durability.