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Bike with child seat on back

Carmel2012Carmel2012 Posts: 2
Can anyone give me some good ideas for a bike to go riding with my children. I would also need one to fit a child seat on the back for my nearly 3yr old.
Not going to be using it every day so probably looking at £150-£200 mark.
There are a lot of bikes out there but not sure what to look for and what is going to be total rubbish such as Halfords which seem to get terrible reviews.

Very grateful for any advice.


  • thelawnetthelawnet Posts: 719
    Second-hand might be the way to go at that price.

    Halfords have some good bikes, but not at that price.

    In fact one of their Carrera bikes is probably a good choice, something like this ... 0943399625

    Obviously you'd need to add a child seat to that, another £100 worth.

    Decathlon is a good place to look as they sell a lot of moderately priced bikes and also bike seats.
  • inflamerinflamer Posts: 1
    Seems you can look for accessories on Amazon or eBay - I'm ordering most of stuff like that from them.
    Check my file converter..
  • I would recommend a solid second hand bike as once your child gets older and heavier a study bike comes into its own! We also had second hand bike seats and they were fine - not as smart as you can buy new but totally fine for a 3 year old,
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