KMC Missing Link - Shimarno vs Campagnolo

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After my recent switch to Campagnolo I ordered a couple of KMC missing links for my chain - they sell them as Shimarno/SRAM and then Campag. The dopey sods sent me out a Shimarno pack but it looked/mesured identicaly to the Campagnolo chain so I gave it a go and it works a treat.

So whats the differance with the Campagnolo specific one? Whats the point?! Have I missed a trick here? :oops:


  • Bobbinogs
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    How many gears on the back cogs? The 9 speed links work for either Campag or Shimano.
  • rpd_steve
    rpd_steve Posts: 361
    10 speed for Centuar. Seems to work and no skipping etc...