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What iphone app?

tombo81tombo81 Posts: 19
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I regularly map out a ride before i head out, on the website - gmaps pedometer. only problem is my memory is shocking and i'll often take a wrong turn when I get out.

I was wondering if there is an app for the iphone where you can map out your ride on a website such as this then upload it to the app and have turn by turn navigation in your ear?

I know there are plenty of gps maps on the market, i'm just not sure if any can do this? If anyone has any experience, please let me know.

Would be handy if the app was free or very cheap.


  • You can do all that with the Mapmyride app which is free but my favourite is cyclemeter.
  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    +1 for cyclemeter or also Strava. Plots your ride and gives all ride data such as ave speed, max speed and elevation and distance.
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  • tombo81tombo81 Posts: 19
    Does cycle meter allow you to map out the ride before you go out?
  • slowondefy2slowondefy2 Posts: 348
    Getting good turn-by-turn directions for a route is not easy. Contrary to the above, Strava doesn't do it, and I don't think Cyclemeter or Mapmyride will either.

    You can set waypoints in MotionX, but it's a bit laborious setting up waypoints for all the turns. Most apps will only give you routing data after you've done the route for the first time, which clearly isn't what you want.

    As far as I know, BikeHub is the only app that comes close. It can calculate routes that are appropriate for a bike, although it needs an internet connection so trying to alter your route when you're out and about might be a pain. Alternatively, something designed for a car might work okay - I get on really well with Co-Pilot personally.

    If you find a routing app that works for you, remember you can still run a tracking app (like MotionX, Strava, cyclemeter or whatever) in the background, so you can get all your data on your ride afterwards.
  • mattyboy199mattyboy199 Posts: 627
    endomondo works for me but no mapping feature
    Show me your green bits i might buy them !
  • rpd_steverpd_steve Posts: 361
    Could splash out on a Garmin 705/800...
  • dread_i1dread_i1 Posts: 178
    mapmyride can be used to map routes it quite an easy tool to use, if you select the 'routes' tab on the website then 'map a ride' and take it from there.
  • No help here I'm afraid on the turn-by-turn navigation. I use RunKeeper (I know how it sounds but it's actually a really good cycling app too) for my rides to track everything and it has a 'routes' function on the website part that allows you to plan a route on a gmap, save it and then compare all you rides (I think this is like Strava?). However... it still means you need to memorise the route before you go.

    Sounds like you want a Garmin really.
  • robbo2011robbo2011 Posts: 1,017
    No Smartphone here, so I map the ride first using mapmyride and then do the old fashioned thing of printing out the route on a piece of paper. Sometimes the low tech approach works too!
  • Chris87Chris87 Posts: 224
    I have the same problem and found running through a route on google streetview before the ride is makes it really easy to remember as you have visual reference for when to make a turn (rather than remembering a list of instructions) then if I do censored up i can always stop and check the iphone..
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