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Spinning class heart rate worries

voodoomanvoodooman Posts: 183
edited April 2012 in Health, fitness & training
Hi All

Since buggering up my wrist (scaphoid) back in late December, I've been going to the local gym spinning class 3 times a week. I wear a heart rate monitor and it generally stays between 150ish and 188 (on steady climbs), but during sprint sections I have had it go as high as 203! I bloody hate sprints mind. I really back off now when I can see its getting over 185, and wondered three things:

Firstly I'm 42, nearly 43 and this is way over where my heart rate should be (I am quite fit, ex rower, but now hitting 17 stone) - should I be worried, I keep thinking Muamba etc.

Secondly, what training can I do to get my heart rate down. I've been doing long slow distance (2 hours @ 135) on the treadmill once a week, but it's incredibly boring and demotivating and can only do it for a month before I've had it and need a break.

Finally, I kind of need to get my training sorted, as I'm supposed to be doing the Winchester - Eastbourne ride for the BHF this summer. I now know what my max HR is, and on waking my RHR is 61. I want to be able to do the ride in the best time and set a HR to stick to.

Any advice accepted, though can't promise to act on it.


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