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Numerous issues

apple eaterapple eater Posts: 302
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First post is a trouble post, i wish it wasn't.

I have a Carerra Vulcan 2011 disc brake model mtb.

I have a few issues (it was bought 2nd hand)

1. Front wheel issues, i have a Kenda Kinetics? tyre 26 x 2.35 on a sunrim 6000 series CR18 rim. The problem i have is that it's eating inner tubes like they're going out of fashion. Basically the tube is rotating within the tyre itself and when it gets to a certain point the valve tears from the tube, this is the one an only fault on it, i've gone through 4 inner tubes on 3 rides!

When i bought the bike the same tyre was on the rear but bald (it had exactly the same problem on that wheel too)so i replaced the rear tyre with a Mountain King 26 x 2.4 tyre and all is well back there.

2. I've set the rear derailleur up really well but when it's in gears 1 -3 it slips between two and three and when it's in 1st gear it tries to slip but doesn't (almost as if the chain itself is slipping) could this be a stretched chain?

3. The front derailleur is a pig, no other way to describe it, i've set that up (using a how to guide on youtube) and it works fine during the test and adjust phase. As soon as i ride it though it changes between the two largest sprockets but it will never drop down to the smallest one. If i stop and manually drop the chain it stays there and will then change up perfectly.

All the rear gears are perfectly aligned during the set up and adjust phase, the front ones are aswell.

4. I have sr suntour suspension forks but they are a little "slimy" when in use. The seals need replacing but how do i find out more info on them, such as oil volume or spring upgrades etc?

Thanks in advance.
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  • oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
    The issue with he front wheel could probably be solved either with a new tyre or possibly the wrong size innertube is being used? ideally you would want something like a 2.1-2.5 tube but you have probably addressed that already. You could also try changing the rim tape. If you want a cheap option for that just use a couple layers of insulation tape.

    The rear gears problem sounds like a cable tension issue. I'm not sure how much you know about bikes but to adjust the tension just use the adjuster on the mech or shifter to loosen (drop the chain into a higher gear) or to tighten (raise the chain into a lower gear) until it runs smooth in each one.

    With the front mech, it sounds like either again a cable tension issue or your lower limit screw is in too far so not allowing the mech to drop low enough for first gear. If it is not the limit screw then loosen off a little cable tension and that should sort it.

    As the bike is second hand it could be an idea to put some new gear cables in anyway just so you can eliminate them being a problem.

    Not too sure about the Forks. I would imagine they have manuals on their website like SRAM do for Rockshock forks or you should be able to find one online somewhere. Failing that, go down to your local Halfords and ask them if they have a manual lying around for some Suntour Forks as the majority of Carreras come with them as standard.
  • jfry94jfry94 Posts: 392
    as for the forks dont bother upgrade theres not much info on them even from suntour
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    Suntour seals are pants, even new ones, they let a lot of muck through, they are dead easy to clean, just loosen the bolts at the bottom 3 turns, tap them in with a mallet to free the uppers from the lowers, remove bolts and pull apart.

    Clean crud out of lowers and off uppers, lightly grease the bushes (I use 'marine' or 'red rubber' grease as it's water resistant) and rebuild (make sure you put the uppers in the lowers the right way round!)
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