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Where me keys awhere me phone?

Aaaaaagh this crap will be played everywhere next week you mark my words......

Now, where me keys awhere me phone?


  • Frank the tank
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    In days gone by it would have been quirky enough to hit number one.
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  • pinno
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    When you loose your keys, or anything for that matter say:

    "Right little people, the game is up, its not funny anymore, I need my... [keys, sunnys, phone, shoes, crampons, Eccles cakes etc etc]"

    and then they turn up !
    You won't believe me until you do it and it does work.
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  • jrduquemin
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    You mean your keys aren't tight anymore?
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    It's one of them things that will turn into everything we say. Within a year, someone will not be able to say "wheres my keys" or "wheres my phone" with out someone singing that.
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  • ddraver
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    When you put your stupid clown road shoes on and Everyday you're shuffling?

    No? Ah i got nothing... :(
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