Paris-Roubaix nice documentary

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Dutch speakers might enjoy this Holland Sport Special film:

I watched it recently on TV and even though my Dutch is very, very basic I enjoyed it for the photography and score. There's an interview with Cancellara in English and he rides some of it with no saddle, a la Kurt Arvesen. It's also on again on Nederland 3 on Monday at 23.25 CET for anyone with access to European stations.

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    wow great little doc - well spotted. The guy at about 22:30 though is definitely Sid James on the back of a car

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    Arf arf arf-the missus picked up when Fabio was getting oiled up-see,cycling has something for everyone.Thanks for posting.

    PS bet that ham went down the shorts.
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  • Cheers, enjoyed watching that
  • pottssteve
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    You're welcome. A Dutch colleague of mine says at the end they were hunting in the showers for Merckx's name plate but could not find it...Apparently it's typically Dutch to watch other men in the showers.........
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    Paris-Roubaix-Nice would be hell of a race!