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I'm trying to figure out the optimum tyre size for the commuter bike. I'm looking to avoid the roads and ride the towpath, which conveniently is almost home to work... :-)

I've been digging around, and on my Carrera TDF, the brake clearance is massive, which is great. The clearance at the BB is not.

I've taken the wheel off, and can measure approximately 36-37mm across the gap. I'm currently running a pair of 700x23's. The towpath is probably 75% gravel track or various sizes, and 25% mud path, the occasional set of roots. My guess (and my question), is could I run a set of 700x28s, 700x32s or even try my luck with 700x35s?


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    It's not just the width you need to be wary of, as the tyre width increases the external diameter of the tyre also increases. You may find that the tyre ends up rubbing against the outside of the BB or the down tube.
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    The great Sheldon says:

    suggests you use a wider front tire with aggressive tread to enhance control and traction on loose surfaces and prevent sinking suddenly into a soft patch. Use a somewhat narrower tire with less aggressive tread on the rear of your bike. This reduces your rolling resistance on the wheel that bears most of your weight when you are on the road, and should not compromise your control on gravel. If you do most of your riding on gravel, go with wider, knobbier tires on front and back.

    make of that what you will :D
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    28s should be fine I'd say. I use 700x28 schwalbe marathons on my commute which is a mix of road, potholed tarmac, hardpack mud and gravel / horsedung / broken glass aggregate and they have enough grip and cushioning. Much wider and you'll probably start to find them a bit sluggish.