105 triple shifter

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Hi all

Can I use a 105 triple shifter and front mech on a double ring chainset? I have bought a triple Groupset, but I am thinking of changing the chainset for a double. I dont mind changing the front mech if i have to, but I would rather not have to change the shifter.... What about the chain? - is that specific to a triple set up?



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    the triple shifter will work with a double, it'll lack the trim function found on some double shifters, but if the front mech is set right and you avoid cross chaining it's no big deal

    same chain

    btw if the cassette is 9-speed, but you fit a 10-speed version chainset (may be cheaper/easier to get than the older 9-speed models), you can still use a 9-speed chain, but may find it rubs when on the small ring, using a 10-speed chain will fix that (and is 100% compatible with a 9-speed cassette)

    you can generally use a triple front mech ok with a double, just be sure to set the limit screws to avoid dropping the chain
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