Jin Marshall

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R.I.P. Jim

For all of us who have used your fine equipment, we thank you

I hope that all the amps in the world will be turned to eleven in memorium



  • nweststeyn
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    RIP Jim. May the company which bears your name stop making crap amps in your memory, and return to the golden age of the 60s and 70s.
  • RonB
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  • redjeepǃ
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    Yes, RIP Jim.

    "The father of LOUD"
  • Aggieboy
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    A few beers, a tidal wave of amps peeking through a fog of dry ice and the original...........


    Oh, the happy memories :D
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  • Cleat Eastwood
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    He's got to be cremated in an Ampli-fire :D
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    Redjeep! wrote:
    Yes, RIP Jim.

    "The father of LOUD"

    Sorry to hear of his deaf.
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    RonB wrote:

    Spinal Tap - the best.
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    RIP Jim Marshall, true pioneer of guitar amplification, nothing sounds like a Marshall amp