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Wheel bearings

Dave853Dave853 Posts: 8
edited April 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi, anyone recommend decent sealed bearings at a reasonable price 30x17x7 for mavic ksyrium ssc sl


  • offer a good range at various prices.
    Strada Hand Built Wheels
  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652 offer a good range at various prices.

    Crazy quick service too - I think I ordered at 4.45pm last time i needed some sealed bearings, and they landed the next morning.
  • Dave853Dave853 Posts: 8
    Thanks guys
  • centimanicentimani Posts: 467
    Always try for branded (SKF etc) if the budget allows it.
    Even better (if the budget allows it) is to get SKFs low friction sealed bearings.
    An example...i had a new set of wheels. Being new, standard bearings and well packed with grease, they were sluggish compared to my old wheels. Spin them and they slowed down really quite quickly, within 10 revolutions or so.
    Fitted low friction sealed bearings...the improvement was INSTANT...they spin and spin and spin.

    IIRC, the SKF suffix was something like -2RSL or -2RSH instead of -2RS

    BTW, take care fitting new bearings, try not to impact or stress the inner ring. It damages them real quick...i did (and gawld knows, ive fitted plenty of industrial bearings) and could instantly feel a 'knock knock knock' from the wheel. Ah well...straight out and fit another new one.
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