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why is buying a new bike so difficult

jamesj84jamesj84 Posts: 15
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I have a decent hardtail. a rockhopper which i love. i want to go for a FS bike but which way do i go. i dont want a DH bike. i want a bike to go uphills as quick as i can in my HT. my options i can.see are

trek fuel ex 9.
Trek remedy 9.
Nukeproof mega.
Tomac snyper.
Specialized sj fsr.140mm

just think 140/150mm is going to bounce all over the place. any thoughts as im more geared up for singletracks. big roots. no jumps really. i want a fun bike. my rockhopper will be for xc'ing about so to speak.



  • I have never heard a bad word said about the Trek Fuel series, I personally would love an EX8 right now, it would be my choice over anything else :D
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    If you want to go uphill fast take a look at a short travel full suspension bike.
    My Anthem climbs at least aswell if not better than my hardtail.
    Take a long hard think about where you`ll ride and the type of riding you`ll do.
    As I live in the south east,I rarely need anything more.I`ve ridden the Anthem down red graded trails and it was fine.Though it might keep me on my toes a little more than if I were on a longer travel bike,it does it just fine and is a load of fun too.

    Travel isn`t everything its the quality of the suspension system that is important.
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  • jamesj84jamesj84 Posts: 15
    I am already swaying towards the fuel ex.
    I have seen so many good reviews of the spesh stumpjumper fsr and already having a spesh rockhopper its kinda also getting my attention. But im worried about the extra travel being such a bouncy wollowing bike and not so smooth as a 120mm FS
  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    I'm afraid I can't comment on the bikes you're looking at, but just to say that I ride with 140mm travel (on my Orange) and although it's obviously more bouncy than shorter travel bikes it climbs just as well and just soaks up the bigger hits. So don't necessarily discount bikes just because you think they might feel more wallowy is I guess what i'm saying! :D
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    This months MBUK has a review of 6 short travel FS's, 3x26er, 3x29er.......maybe worth a read.
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  • gregwarigregwari Posts: 230
    jamesj84 wrote:
    any thoughts as im more geared up for singletracks. big roots. no jumps really. i want a fun bike. my rockhopper will be for xc'ing about so to speak.


    Personally, if you're not going to be hitting any big jumps and just want something for singletrack with roots etc I'd hedge towards a 100-120 bike, 150mm may be overkill. Where do you currently ride / plan to ride??
    I'm with Spiderman re: Anthem, I have one and I'm more than happy taking it around places like Swinley, Cannock, Winlatter, as well as for good blasts around the Chilterns (where I live). If you do decide to head for a lower travel bike, the trek gets amazing reviews, as does the Anthem. Also for consideration I'l look at the Canyon Nerve XC 9, Ghost AMR 7500, possibly the Lapierre X Flow (not seen one yet myself) or see if there's still any of the Specialized Epic Evo's from last year knocking around.

    Happy shopping whichever way you decide to go.
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