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Kings Heath to Kinver

compositecomposite Posts: 29
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Finished this video this week. Quote from what I wrote on vimeo.
I have been planning some bike packing for this summer and I needed to test ride the first part of the route; Kings Heath to Kinver. Here's a video of my riding it on the first hot, sunny day of 2012.

I was trying to capture the ebb and flow of riding this sort of route, where one moment you are ripping down single track, bouncing off roots and hoping there's no dog walkers and the next you are cruising a farm track with the sun shining without a care in the world.

All self shot on the GoProHD, 720p at 60fps.


  • sanchez89sanchez89 Posts: 567
    good vid that buddy. some of those angles looked like they needed some type of contraption mounted onto your bike?

    lot of time went into editing that aswell.
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    M'eh, I might just go back to zapping it with frikken lay-zur beeeems. And sharks.
  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Well, that was certainly a step above the average videos that get posted! Genuinely suprised and impressed.

    Fair play, that man. 8)
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  • ZhekaZheka Posts: 42
    Great work!
    I like the way you cut the video. What software did you use?
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