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Buying Advice Needed Rockrider 9.1/9.2 VS Broadman FS Team

fitnessfreakfitnessfreak Posts: 9
edited April 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi i would like some advice from people who own these bikes already and know more about different levels of components than me.

I mainly use my bike for places like sheerwood pines and cannock chase Red runs and some rocky down hilling in Buxton

Im looking to purchase a FS MTB and have narrowed it down to 3

Rockrider 9.1 £799.99

Rockrider 9.2 £1099.99

Broadman Team FS £999.99

which one of these bikes is the best bike and value for money? please state you reasons why

Many thanks


  • bellysbellys Posts: 456
    I had the 9.2 and it was a great bike...the boardman is a good bike as well my mate has got a 2009 and loves it.
    I would still have mine but got stollen. The rear shock on the 9.2 took a bit of setting up but the rest of the bike was great climbs well when you get the shock set up right and stays planted on the down hill.

    For me it would be the 9.2 but the boardman a closes second.
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    bellys wrote:
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