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I'm toying with the idea of replacing the flat bar, shifters and brakes on my Boardman hybrid with a set of road bars and road bike style shifters/brakes.

I currently have a Shimano XT front Mech and a SRAM X7 rear mech on my hybrid, would I be able to install a set of SRAM apex shifters or similar or would I need to replace the shifters and the front and rear mechs?

Thanks in advance.


  • paul_mck
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    I believe the front mech will be ok, but the rear mech wont work.

    I converted a hybrid to road and kept the same cranks and front mech and it was fine. The rears wont work even with sram road shifters. So youll need:

    - road shifters
    - road rear mech

    look at shimano stuff, good bit cheaper if I remember right.

    What brakes are on it at present? If hydraulic discs then youre buggered.