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Which Cannondale.. help!

alfacorsaalfacorsa Posts: 45
edited April 2012 in MTB buying advice
I'm completely stuck..

I ride mostly trails and rides like Gisburn and Dalby Forest.. some tight tricky stuff, sharp climbs, drop offs, but also flowing trails..

I cant decide between a Jekyll 3 or a RZ 120 XLR.. or maybe I should go for a Claymore 3 for a few extra quid? Any suggestions would be appreciated.. btw it has to be a dale.. or maybe a GT but in not keen on the looks of GT's


  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Have a Rize 140 meself from 2008. Depending on what size you go for you may find that it is not ideal for slow-speed trialsy type stuff it likes fast and flowy. Mine is a size L and it's 6ft end-to-end with a fairly high BB. It's possible to adjust the suspension to make it sit lower but this makes it even longer and slacker.

    I would also say that if you are a redline-relax-redline-relax kind of rider, the Rize/RZ is not the bike for you. It encourages you to stay seated and constantly pedal while the bike soaks up the terrain, and ridden like this it eats up mile after mile of trail. It's not a bike for ragging around on, out-of-the-saddle aggro or big hitting it's more of a heavy-duty marathon bike for doing some serious mileage on.

    I understand that Cannondale stopped making the RZ frame last year and the Jekyll is the replacement. The Claymore is more AM than the Rize/RZ, which is pure trail bike.
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