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Adjusting front mech 'middle' position

danlightbulbdanlightbulb Posts: 701
edited April 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

Ive been adjusting my bike today, as its a few months old so want to adjust the gears make everything nice and smooth.

Ive done the rear mech fine, and i've done the front mech small and large chainrings fine, but on the middle chainring and the rear large chainring I'm getting the chain rubbing the inside plate of the front mech.

The adjusting screws don't seem to make any difference to this middle position.

FYI there is also slight rubbing when on the inside front ring / outside rear ring, and also on the outside front and inside rear, but i guess this is unavoidable due to the chain angles.

Front mech is shimano tourney (rockrider 5.2).



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