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which hardtail from list

SWEETY-4x4SWEETY-4x4 Posts: 43
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Hi all :D looking at getting a hardtail & have a budget of £700 max & have put together a little list of options but open to others aswell
CBoardman HT Comp £650
Kona Cindercone (2011) £680 but should get it for less
Cube Attention £679
Spesh Rockhopper £600
Due to a lot of health probs this might be the last bike I buy so want to make the right choice. I need it to be light as poss due to conective tissue prob in my shoulders with a slightly longer reach to the bars as I hate being cramped up. I'll be doing mainly XC as that's what the tracks are around me but i'll also will be visiting a few trail centres but I won't be pushing it to hard as i'll fall to bits before I was to bend a rim :lol: My last bike was a 91 Kona cindercone which I sold a few months back after owning it from new. I like the weight & reach of the broadman (only sat on one) the kona's weight again is nice but not 100% on the reach the cube & Rockhopper i've yet to look at but if the rockhopper is anything like they were back in the 90's it'll be far to cramped for m8
Would welcome your views
1991 Kona Cinder Cone in Cinder Gold


  • dp1dp1 Posts: 89
    How about a Whyte 801. I picked one up in shop and was surprised how light it felt. They look good too in my opinion and seem to have a good reputation
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