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Hey all.

I'm cycling 7-10 miles a day, with a good 20 miles over a weekend trail riding.

I eat healthy but only around 1000-1500 Cal a day, which I know is low, but I cant seem to eat any more.

So I was flicking through the Argos book and saw weight loss fat burners.
Has anyone got any advice? I was thinking of popping Holland and barratt and taking advantage of their sale.

I do prefer a shake rather than tablets.

Advice welcome but no piss taking please.
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    Why would you supplement? Did a doctor or nutritionist tell you that you are deficient in something?

    Save your money,spend it on tyres or bling and ride more. You will also find it very hard to lose weight on 1000-1500 a day,thats already below average.

    Do you eat 3 largeish meals a day? Try cutting down portions but eating more often.

    Pills and fat burner gimmicks are not the way to go.
  • supplements can be a good idea if you low incertain vitamins ie vitamin D is very common to be deficient in.

    So a good multi vitamin is better than buying any of these gimmick fat burner ones.
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    You're eating too few calories and exercising so your body is going to store fat as it worries about where it's next meal is coming from effectively.

    Eat a couple hundred more calories a day.

    Your body fat is unlikely to be able to drop off massively whilst also being adequately fuelled for cycling. You'll probably have to mix in some strength training.

    Basically there's no quick fix.

    Also what's your current weight/height?